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:: Thatching Supplies ::

McGhee & Co. is pleased to sell a variety of high-quality thatching supplies and materials. We can supply all your thatching needs no matter where you are in North America. We can work with you and figure out the materials required for your project, large or small. Please contact us with your order or inquiry.

:: Water Reed ::

Several thousand bunches of quality reeds are always available in our warehouses. We only import top quality reeds from Europe and can supply anywhere from one bunch to a whole container. Trucking can be arranged or you can pick up your order.

:: Book & Craft Supplies ::

Single bundle of high-quality thatch - Use when working on small projects such as birdhouses. Each bundle is approximately 60 centimeters in circumference and 4 feet long. $45 per bundle. 

:: Miscellaneous ::

Thatching Hooks - 8" to 14" length. Made from 1/4 steel rod. Use approximately 1 every 2 square feet. 

Thatching Screws - Coated screws with stainless steel wires. Use 1 per square foot 30 cents each plus shipping.

Thatching Spars - Split Hazel or willow, pointed on each end. 24"+ in length. 

Dutch Ridge Tiles - Used in place of decorative "English" ridge. Makes a good alternative to a cement ridge. Clay. 18" length. POA.

Fire Retardant - Flamestop IDS.  One gallon covers approximately 120 square feet.

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