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About Old-World Thatch

Renowned for its strength, durability, and longevity, thatch has been a trusted material used worldwide for centuries. McGhee & Co. Roof Thatchers, LLC uses the traditional construction methods of Old-World thatch in residential and commercial projects throughout the US and beyond.

McGhee & Co Roof Thatchers



Thatch is any vegetation that is used for roofing structures. A thatch work expert typically uses reed and straw for roofing, as they are among the most common materials used in European and American-style buildings of the past.

Thatch had become a trusted roofing material since before the Middle Ages, thanks to its insulation and waterproofing properties. Thatching material is also available as plains grasses and waterproof leaves - the prevailing material in South America and the South Pacific.

Early settlers to the New World used the thatch roofing system as far back as 1565, but Native Americans had already been using it for generations. When settlers arrived in Jamestown in 1607, they found Powhatan Indians living in houses with thatched roofs. The colonists used the same thatch on their buildings.

A Brief History of Thatch

Thatch Roofing Today



Water reed thatching is one of the most popular styles for this roofing material in North America. It is highly revered for its aesthetic appeal and strength. The materials are gathered, bundled, and secured to a framework on top of a building.

Besides its many benefits, thatch roofing can be specially treated with a fire retardant. With the increasing demand for environmentally responsible construction practices, popularity has been resurgent for thatch roofing systems.

If you are interested in redefining your home’s appearance and strength, look no further than thatch. Request a consultation with our thatch workers to learn more about your construction options.

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