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Tech Specs

Whether you're thatching new construction or an existing structure

A pitch of 45 degrees is required for a thatched roof to ensure correct tension and maximum water run-off. The pitch of an existing structure may be 'built up' to achieve the proper angle. The pitch may be increased. The steeper the pitch the longer the life of the roof. 50 degrees is better for wet climates.


Thatch is affixed

Each bundle of reed is laid in a course on the roof. Reed thatch is laid at a depth of 12" - 14" above the sub-roof. Depth of thatch is very important to ensure a long life. As each course is applied to the roof up to the ridge area it is dressed with a leggett. When the courses have been applied to the roof up to the ridge area it is then time for the ridgework.

Customize your ridge

The ridge is styled to customer specifications. Options include reed, copper, cedar shingle, cement and clay tile.

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