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Thatched Roof Consultant
Call on the experts. Our thatched roof consultants design & install the roof you want. McGhee's crew of highly skilled artisan thatch roofers craft each roof by hand using only the finest quality materials. Each roof is a unique piece of art. McGhee & Co. roofs are guaranteed and checked at least every two years at no charge.​​​​​
New Construction 
Today, thatch is generally acknowledged for its visual appeal and as a way to add a historic or whimsical touch to a home. While it does impart a storybook quality to many structures, thatch also retains the practical aspects of its past. In addition to its beauty, one of its best qualities is its ability to act as an effective insulator. And believe it or not, repairing a thatched roof is much easier than you would think.
In addition, today's thatched roofs benefit from the efforts of modern science - they can be made fire retardant. In recent years, thatch has been gaining popularity because of the current trend towards using more natural building materials.
If a thatched roof is in need of repair, a fresh layer of thatch can be applied directly on top of the original layer. The result can be an old, and very thick, layer of thatch. Although new thatch is usually 12 inches thick, up to 4 feet of material can accumulate on old roofs. Unless the original roof was destroyed by fire, the bottom layer of thatch is as old as the structure itself.
Design and Consultation
Assistance with design and planning approval is available.
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